NORMLOCK® Paint Can Rings

USE FOR METAL-PLASTIC-HYBRID. NORMLOCK® rings are made out of HDPE. NORMLOCK® Rings locks the lid to the can to prevent the can from opening in transit. **PLEASE NOTE THE NORMLOCK® RINGS ARE DESIGNED TO FIT ALL NORTH AMERICAN MADE PAINT CANS. Common Names: Paint Can Ring, Paint Can Overseal, Plastic Overseal, Plastic Lid Ring, Lid Locking Ring, Paint Can Lid Lock, Normlock Rings, Normlok Rings, Paint Locking Rings
Gallon Normlock Ring (KW All plastic Can)
Product ID : 6-48-0000GS-ALLPLSTC
Case of 150 - 15 lbs/case FREE SHIPPING!
Normlock Gallon Ring
Product ID : 6-48-0000GS-NI-NEST
for North American cans Case of 250 18lbs/case FREE SHIPPING!
Gallon Normlock (Hybrid Cans)
Product ID : 6-48-0000GSNI-HYBRID
Case of 250 rings FREE SHIPPING
Normlock PINT Ring
Product ID : 6-48-0000PS-NI
Case of 100 rings, FREE SHIPPING!
Normlock Quart Ring
Product ID : 6-48-0000QS-NI-NEST
bundle of 100 rings, FREE SHIPPING
Normlock Half PINT Ring
Product ID : 6-48-00PS12-NI
Case of 100 rings, FREE SHIPPING!
* Hazmat Packaging / Hazmat Containers = Hazardous Material Packaging / Hazardous Material Containers. * UN Certified / UN4G Certified = United Nations Certified * DOT Certified = Department of Transporation Certified